Just A Taste Tour

The ‘Just a Taste’ Tour has come to an end, and what a ride it has been!

After clocking over 26k views of our new single ‘Just a Taste’ in only the first couple of weeks, we figured it was time to blow the cobwebs off the Rolling Turd MkIII and hit the road once again!
The bulk of the last 12 months has been spent writing, refining, rewriting, re-refining, jamming, practicing, recording and everything else that goes into making an album, and MAN did it feel good to be back on stage again. Highlights included….
– Our first trip to Tassie! We didn’t get kicked off the boat (it was a real possibility for us too) and enjoyed 3 great gigs Under Down Under. Heard some amazing bands play, plenty of Boags and Cascades downed and we cannot wait to be back there for the album tour!
– Hit the SS&A stage in Albury for local legends Ledd Aspirin’s last show ever. Absolute monsters of the cover band circuit and some incredibly talented musicians, it was an honour to be invited along to such a great show.
– Had one of the most ridiculous trips to the supermarket in Canberra; if any of it got filmed you’ll see it soon…
– Tore Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney a new one along with our Sydney party brothers Eightball Junkies and old mates from Melbourne Dead City Ruins who are now kicking ass all over Europe – many pizza slices and Pistonhead Lagers were enjoyed.

There’ll be PLENTY more of all this and more on AblazeTV2, hitting your screens a little later this year, stay tuned and see you soon…