Reusable Face Mask Pre-Order
Reusable Face Mask Pre-Order
This killer looking reusable face mask will make you the talk of the town... IF you were allowed outside long enough to show it off that is! Also 100% guaranteed to improve the appearance of your significant others facial features while wearing it. On a serious note, these high quality masks are laser-etched vegan-leather and have a washable 3 layer removable cotton insert, they can also be worn over surgical masks. These are not official medical grade masks themselves, so Ablaze will not take responsibility for any contagions you pick up during the filthy activities you gremlins get up to. Pre-Order ends on the 3rd of August at midnight, so make sure you get in before then as there is no guarantee there will be any made available after that time. It is estimated that there will be a 1-2 week wait from the Pre-Order date before receiving your mask to account for manufacture
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NEW Signature <br/> Drumsticks
NEW Signature
Get yourself a JUICY pair of signature FRUIT skewers used to arm Ablaze's resident SWEETheart behind the SKINS... Dan 'MANGO' Mangano! Other uses include , but are not limited to... Dave's chopsticks, midget jousting lances, Giants Toothpicks and more...
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No Chaser<br/>Shot Glass
No Chaser
Shot Glass
Ablaze branded shot glasses. Drink like your favorite rock band, straight-up No Chaser!
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