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Flaming Wedgie


High quality UV resistant vinyl stickers hot off the press. Slap them on all of your favorite things, your family’s things, your friend’s things, your best friends mum’s things, paint the town!

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Long Way Home<br/>Tee
Long Way Home
The latest and greatest of the Ablaze fashion line. The rock and roll 'Long Way Home' tee will make you at least 2-3 times hotter than any other shirt on the market. Don't get us started on how comfy they are! only the best quality threads for our fans.
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No Chaser<br/>Album CD
No Chaser
Album CD
The debut album of Melbourne party rock powerhouse Ablaze. It’s been many years, 2 EPs, a DVD, car breakdowns, laughs, tears, hard work, and more gigs both in Victoria and interstate than you can poke a stick at, and it’s all lead up to this. Ablaze’s long-awaited debut album is here! 1 CD, 12 belter tracks, a 16 page full-colour lyric and pictorial booklet all neatly packed into a digi-pack for your pleasure listening pleasure. Note: makes a really good coaster
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Flaming Wedgie<br/>Snap-back Cap
Flaming Wedgie
Snap-back Cap
High Quality embroidered Ablaze snap-back caps, forward, backward, sideways (if you're gangsta enough), you know it'll look good!
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